FALLing into Leaves Walk Garden Field Trip
Pre-K-1st Grade, Fall Season Only

Come wander through the Synoptic Garden with our trained Educators. The Synoptic Garden is a unique learning tool that offers the opportunity to see a wide variety of plants (that grow well in our area) in an organized way, and observe how they mature and change with the four seasons. While focusing on the autumn seasonal changes, learn about the colors, shapes, needs and growth habits of plants.


Students will learn the song The Leaves are Falling Down

Students will listen to/read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Students will take a walk through the synoptic Garden and observe the leaves of different plants and trees and record the data in their journals

Students will create their own leaf friend that they will be able to take home

Tremendous Trees Field Trip
2nd - 5th Grade, Fall Season Only

Explore the vast collection of trees that the arboretum has to offer while engaging in grade-appropriate, hands-on activities. Trees that will be studied include the white pine tree, the sawtooth oak tree, the cherry tree, and the elm tree. This activity is also great for cub scout groups looking to earn their forester badges.


Students will examine the cross-section of a tree and learn how to tell the age of the tree, the amount of precipitation the tree received that year and from which season the tree came

With the use of their tree identification badges, students will participate in a group activity where they will learn about characteristics of different trees

Students will participate in a Tree Detective activity where they will be given clues in order to guess which tree is in their mystery box

Playing with Plants Field Trip
Pre-K-2nd Grade, Spring Season Only

This program allows you to enjoy the Arboretum in full bloom as you learn with Educators about the lives of plants. Along the way students will get to see many of the beautiful trees and plants that the arboretum has to offer.

Walkthrough of the Main Greenhouse. Students take a walk through of the Palm and Hibiscus Houses found within the Main Greenhouse, as long as it is not being re-planted.

Story Time on the Lawn. Students will be read a portion of the picture book, From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons.

Plant Life Cycle. Plant Personification, or a movement activity demonstrating / reinforcing plant life cycle.

From Seed to Plant Pocket Chart Activity. Hands-on group activity that illustrates the growth process of a plant.

Plant Your Own Veggie Greenhouse Activity. Four types of vegetables are planted into peat pellets and placed in sealed/transportable bins (greenhouse) to be taken back to school or home.

Radiant Rainforest Field Trip
3rd– 5th Grade, Offered in both the Fall and Spring Seasons

Take a visit to the rainforest without leaving the country! Enjoy the opportunity to experience the rainforest community in person. Some fun and exciting activities and information are listed below.

Scientist Nature Journal. Take-home journal presented to students that assists in field trip presentation and can then be used later for more sciencebased exploration.

Rainforest Layer and Animal Find. Group activity focusing on rainforest environment, plant life, layering, biodiversity and food chain. skills by recording information gathered into their journals.

Scientific Mission Impossible. Hands on activity stressing the steps of the Scientific Method while studying a particular rainforest resource.



9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily

$8 per car until Nov, 18th


Self-Guided Visits to Coe Hall

11:30 am - 3:30 pm  3/27 – 10/2 daily

October Weekends only

$5 Non-Members

Members & Children under 12 are free